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The future of medical education

Mediclassroom: background

• Continuing Medical Education represents one of the world’s most important goals. It has become a top priority around the world.

• So far, Medical Education has been pursued mainly thanks to traditional teaching modalities; these modalities imply physical aggregation of both faculty and participants of a specific educational program.

• Traditional teaching modalities are nowadays no longer suitable for fulfilling modern educational requirements for two main reasons: (1) the world wide economic crisis, limiting resources to allocated medical scientific events and at the same time (2) the necessity to provide a wide spread, uniform and high quality cultural course, to a large community of physicians.

• Technology in telecommunication over the past decade has made impressive progress. It has become the object of remarkable impact.

• Intermeeting is a company based in Padua (Italy) with a long tradition in organizing medical meetings that have developed innovative educational modalities particularly suitable for medical teaching “at a distance”.

• Mediclassroom is an innovative educational system “at a distance”, recently developed by Intermeeting with the following special characteristics: web based, TV format, bidirectional interaction, “live” and “on demand” broadcasting, monitoring of educational process.

Mediclassroom: the future of medical education

Mediclassroom, thanks to the use of innovative technologies in the field of virtual television and telecommunication, provides an attractive new web-based educational modality.
Mediclassroom educational format can be live, on demand or both and is characterized by:

a. a pleasant TV format

b. active bidirectional interaction: the coordinating tv studio is able to interact both with faculty and audience by commenting both on the questions received from the participants and on the results of the live tests immediately, without delay, instantly

c. “live” connections with experts not present in TV studio, but located anywhere in the

d. possibility to verify quality of learning by means of tests addressed to the participants,
during or at the end of each lesson Mediclassroom has been used for many years in Italy and it has been a huge success. It is now currently being used for Continuing Medical Education in South America, China and UAE in different fields of medicine, thanks to the support obtained from different pharmaceutical and technological companies.